Which setup for a HTPC...

I am building my first HTPC. I have most of the parts selected, but not sure on the CPU/GPU.

This PC will be connected via HDMI to my large screen HDTV. Most of the time, it will just play YouTube videos for my little one. But I will also use it for some light gaming.

The two options are...

CPU = Intel Pentium G860
GPU = AMD 6670


CPU = AMD A8-3870
GPU = Built-in CPU graphics(6550) in crossfire with a discrete 6550

Both options will cost around $200. I know both CPU's will be more than powerful enough to play YouTube videos and play Blueray movies without any issues, but which will provide better gaming frame rates at HD resolutions(1080)? The PSU will be a high quality 550W one, so power is not a concern. The case will be a low profile case, so that limits my choices for videocards. Any other factors I should consider?
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