what happen???

my mointor did not receieve any signal frm my cpu when i turn it on.it was still perfectly alright yesterday when i install a new 512 kingston ddr ram.i using a benq 551V monitor.

system config:
P4 2A Ghz on a D845GEBV2 mother board
GEforce 4 440MX
1x256MB and 1x512MB 266Mhz kingston Ram
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  1. My first reccomendation is to take out the 512 module and see if it works then. Also, make sure all parts are securely in place, as something may have come out/ gotten knocked out of place when you installed the ram (on my system I plug out all 4 IDE cables and floppy cables when installing RAM b/c they get in the way. Let's see how your system reacts and we'll take it from there.

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  2. took out the 512 yesterday... but still my monitor did not start. change the positions of the RAM but still no progress. pls advise
  3. After you press the power on button, what are the exact sequence of events? Do the fans or hard drives spin up? Can you try using different monitor and video card?

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  4. the monitor si alright ... cos tried it on another comp.haven tried to change another video card.
    the whole system is running .... there is p/s to the comp...
    the fan and hard drives spins .... the mobo lights up ....
  5. hmm. You probably know the sound of ur comp when it gets to windows, etc. Does it get there? It may be that ur vid card has gotten messed up/ the agp port.

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  6. I've seen this one a dozen times...

    AGP connectors are notorious for not holding the board firmly enough and when you worked on the motherboard, flexing it to get the memory in, you probably pulled the video card half way out of the connector.

    Turn off your computer, take out the video card... clean the AGP socket with some alcohol and a soft toothbrush, clean the edge of the board with a soft pencil eraser (the pink kind) and put it all back together.

    50/50 that's gonna fix your problem.

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