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This may be another one of those "mods only" things that happened with the last Tom's update, but for the last two or three days I have not been able to open the right sidebar thingy (I don't like to leave it open, but I like to check it sometimes for private messages). If anyone else is experiencing this problem, or thinks they know what is wrong, please post below.

Thanks, Kris.
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  1. It's not a mod-only glitch. My other account has the right column functionality.
  2. Mine works. What browser are you using?
  3. Works for me too. Try clearing your cookies and cache for this site.
  4. Cleared everything, still doesn't work. Using Firefox 3.6.3
  5. Same here with no problems.

    Can you link some screen shots?
  6. What's to screenshot? It doesn't do anything, like a dead link. I would just be screenshotting Tom's in the normal view (no right column).
  7. You can screenshot the before and after you click the 'show right column' link.

    The link isn't dead, it's working fine.
  8. The before and after are exactly the same, I swear to you. There is no difference. However, I went into profile settings and selected "Display the rightmost column" and it loads the sidebar now, but it doesn't load the thing with the PM links and the profile whatnot. And it won't let me hide the sidebar without going into profile settings and unchecking the display option. Here is the screenshot of it failing to load:

    And I waited several minutes and it still didn't load. Also tried disabling various add-ons, but still no luck.
  9. Doesn't work in safe mode either.
  10. Oh shite, I figured it out. I was blocking something somehow related to the right column with Adblock Plus. I unblocked it and it works fine now. Thanks for all your help, though, everyone.
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