Problem Using DP45SG+CorsairXMS3+Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHZ

Okay, i tried to built a gaming PC , MOBO Intel DP45SG (Serie Extreme), (8GB RAM x2 (4GB each tablet) Tablets/ Corsair XMS3 1333MHZ,
Video Card (Gforce EVGA GTX550 TI 2048MB) and processor to make my computer work ("Dual Core E5500 2.80GHz"
and also have a Master Cooler V8 (Last edition)///Power supply 800 watts (Corsair)

Here's the problem, i bought a processor core 2 duo E6850 Dual-Core 3.0GHZ 4M L2 Cache 1333MHZ FSB LGA 775,
when i put the processor into the 775 slot and try to start up the sistem, you can hear 3 beeps,(And all you can see is a black screen) Ive been
investigating my build because i knew that all the 775 processor doesn't have compatibility with this MOBO , so Could anyone help me with that?, (I cant make my computer work with the Core 2 Duo Processor) anyone know the reazon?!
(Sorry if my english is not good at all)
i Will apreciate all the help!

As you see in the following link my Mobo+Processor have compatibility.
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  1. i read that if you hear 3 beeps from MOBO is because the RAM is not working right, but why is working right now with the dual core processor?....
  2. If your processor doesn't have compatibility, then it won't work at all...
  3. It has compatibility with the MOBO, did you check the following link?

    Now the question is, How can i know if the RAM has compatibility with this Build S:?
  4. Troy_20 said:
    Intel DP45SG (Serie Extreme), (8GB RAM x2 (4GB each tablet)

    3 beep is problem of the ram.
    U cant use 4gb modules on your motherboard. your model of motherboard only allows ddr3 to 2gb max per slot! (4x2gb) total 8gb max.

    BUt take care because other problem is:
    that board only supports two-sided rams (chips on both sides) the tendency is to reduce the number of chips and the current Rams are one-sided.

    sorry, my english is bad. I have your some motherboard and I went crazy looking for the right ram, and can not find them and I chose to change my motherboard. Is old... :(
  5. read this post... the last reply.. better english..than me. xd
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