Buying used i5 2500k. Need advice

I found a used i5 2500k on ebay for $190 including shipping. The seller claims that the mother board died and he does not know if it works or not. I don't know whether the mother board dying could mean that the cpu could be dead aswell. I would like to know the likelihood of this being the case. I don't know if it is worth the risk or not. He does not have another motherboard that he could test it in. Wondering if there is any other way to know if it is dead or not. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out!
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  1. Well, if he's selling it as a working CPU and it ends up not working, couldn't you get your money back?

    I don't ebay much, but it sounds like you'd be liable for compensation. Simply ask him if he'd buy it back if it is faulty.

    It is very likely it is his motherboard, CPUs rarely go bad.

    I'm just curious why he isn't doing a RMA, does he have good feedback?
  2. He has perfect feedback. And he listed it as for parts, repair, or non-working, simply because it came from the dead motherboard. He said he can not give refunds if it does not work. But I will ask via private message.
  3. if he listed it as non working, you would not be eligible for a refund. He would simply say he listed that it was non working and that it was for parts. I would stay away from this unless you have $190 burning a hole in your pocket.
  4. I wouldn't buy it from him. Just save up for about a month and buy one on-sale. I think you can get them new for like $30 more and they go on sale pretty often.
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    I wouldnt buy it. I wouldnt believe the unable to test story. I have sold things on ebay as non working and believe me its because they were NOT working. If it was working or he thought with any reasonable chance it maybe he would list it simply as used and working as he would get a much higher price for it.

    This way he is making people think "ooh bargain" on the offchance it may work and if it doesnt work tough sh@t as he listed it that way you have NO recompense. Not worth wasting the $$$ on.
  6. Alright thank you everyone for the advice. I'm not going to buy it. Not worth the risk.
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