How do I troubleshoot acer aspire 5733z usb ports

how do I troubleshoot acer aspire 5733z usb ports? The 2 of the 3 usb ports, the 2 on the right hand side of the keyboard, have stopped working!
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  1. Hi :)

    If another works, its a hardware fault.....use a USB hub in the working one or pay a lappy repair company like the one i own to replace the posts.....but its LOTS of money....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hi

    If you have access to a alternative Operating system disk such as:-

    Win pe3 disk (WinPE based on Win 7. details at
    or a Linux live DVD/CD/USB boot up and see if the usb port will recognise a working USB memory stick

    If it works under the above alternative operating system but not your Windows then the problem is likely to be device driver or Registry corruption

    If it still does not work
    (note some motherboards have bios option to disable front or rear USB ports, usually Dell desktops)

    Look at USB port using a bright light and possibly a magnifying glass for physical damage to metal contacts
    (If you try a repair remove mains power & internal battery first)

    one method often recommended for software corruption on Windows XP is to unplug all usb devices, then go to device manager and delete all USB drivers.

    Then reboot and wait for all USB devices to reload their device drivers


    Mike Barnes
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