B75 PRO3+i3 3220 unknown problem!

A week ago,I bought some DIY stuffs,B75 PRO3 and i3 3220 included。(no independent graphics card )Here is a serious problem:
After win7os instllalion completed,I start to install the drivers,once I finished the intel HD graphic driver,then restart,after the win7 blog showing a few seconds,the monitor loses signal and blackout。when I restart and go to save mode,uninstall the HD graphic driver,It can be restarted and see the desktop。
I have tried many versions of the HD graphic drivers,also tried many win7 OS and softwares ,but it didn't work.
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  1. Try the latest BIOS:
    www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/B75 Pro3/?cat=Download&os=BIOS

    It might be a faulty CPU.
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