BIOS Update on ASUS Sabertooth P67 causing issue

Hey guys,

So tonight I stopped by my motherboards support site to DL my USB 3.0 Drivers since I had not installed them the last time I reformatted. I ended up seeing a BIOS update that improves stability and performance for Windows 8 so I decided to go ahead and update. I restarted, booted into bios and flashed it. It said it was successful and to restart; upon restarting it displays:

Marvell 88SE91xx Adapter - BIOS Version
PCIe x1 5.0Gbps
Adapter 1 Disks Information: AHCI Mode
No hard disk is detected!

Which is fine it normally says that but after that my computer just restarts repeatedly. I cannot access BIOS. I've tried clearing CMOS three times now, and each time the menu pops up for me to enter the BIOS setup but as soon as I hit the button to go to setup it restarts again. I've unplugged all HDDs and Optical Drives and even all RAM sticks except 1. Anyone have any ideas I have no idea what to do next?


My comp specs:
Intel i5 2500k
500gb WD HDD
Radeon HD 6950 2GB
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  1. Whenever you flash the bios it will be completely reset to factory settings, go through the bios and you may need to adjust some of your settings again.

    Is it possible to roll-back the bios version, or try to flash it again?

    Are you running anything over-clocked?

    Is your RAM running on it's recommended X.M.P settings?
  2. That's the thing I haven't been able to get back into BIOS period even after clearing CMOS 3 times. The dialog pops up to enter setup to reset BIOS but I press the key and it just restarts again. And yeah everything is running at normal settings, CPU and RAM.
  3. Ram can also cause this so try in another ram. remove cmos battery then power on (don't insert cmos battery) , remove gpu then power on. now u goto bios then load default settings in bios.
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