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Memtest86 with large number of errors. Ram? CPU?

Hi thanks for anybody looking to help.

I have what I think is a straightforward question. I ran memtest86 (not plus) and it resulted in the timer getting stuck during the #9 test and the number of errors infinitely increasing. The pass was at 59%. I gave it about 5 more minutes (it was stuck at 11:26 minutes) before I decided to exit memtest86. I those 5 minutes or so the number of errors climbed to 100000+. The pass and the test percentage were both suck during that time so I figured it was only going to keeping doing the same thing.

The first errors pop up within 30 seconds of starting the test. It came out as a stack of 10 or so when the first CPU was tested.

AMD fx 6100
Asus m5a97
Corsair XMS 2x4gb 1333mhz

My question is whether I can derive that it is a hardware issue or not from these results. If so, what are the possible things that could be faulty?

Additional information: decided to run this test after recent BSOD problems escalated from only occurring while dota 2 is running to happening while it is not after a re-install of Steam. Not concerned about fixing BSOD in one go. Want to try to figure out if there is anything wrong with my hardware first.
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  1. Hi, run the test with only one RAM stick installed (test each RAM). See if there's a specific module that gives the errors.
  2. By module you mean eqch stick right?

    Whether one or both modules are faulty does not matter to me at the moment since i woulid probably return both modules as a pair. I just want to know whether or not I can conclude that with those results that there is a hardware issue.

    Further than that, can I conclude that it's faulty RAM? (I currently think is the most likely scenario)

    Thanks for the help.
  3. If in the same slot one stick runs OK and the other gives errors, then it's a RAM issue.
  4. Ok so I ran memtest86+ just to run a second test since my friend that helped with getting this comp doesn't think it is a hardware issue.

    The test is still running at the moment and errors pop up wihtin 10-30 seconds. I do notice something strange though. In the settings row:

    RAM:667 MHz (DDR-1334)/CAS: 4-5-5-15/ DDR3 (64 bits)

    Isnt that suppose to match what my RAM indicates? (1333mhz CAS 9-9-9-24 iirc). I can't find the 4 numbers anymore for CAS like I saw before but on the datasheet it does say CAS rating: 9.

    These settings look really off. I have never touched any of the settings and just leave everything in the BIOS as default.

    Just an additional piece of information, I notice that the number of errors skyrocket when it is a Block Move.
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    You can try clearing the CMOS. It looks like a faulty RAM stick.
  6. Thank you for your continuous replies. Small update: I ran Windows memory diagnosis tool and it instantly told me hardware problem detected. I wasn't able to see the detailed results regarding which stick just yet because it restarted right away into normal windows and that blue screened almost instantly. The results for this tool is reliable right? I am convinced that it is faulty RAM but is there anything else I can do to show it beyond doubt cause my friend thinks I am just a computer noob and probably screwed up something else.

    Just for clarification: if the problem is just faulty RAM and I replace that then do a fresh install of Windows, my comp should be as good as new?
  7. Do you get the errors with any of the 2 sticks installed? Have you left only one RAM stick inserted, or running the tests with both RAMs?
  8. Everything I've done so far is with both sticks installed. Just because I need to return both as a kit regardless. Is there some other information I can attain by doing the test with 1 stick at a time other than isolating the problem module?

  9. If each stick passes the tests, it might not be a RAMs issue. That's why I suggested verifying each module. Otherwise you can RMA them without any other test.
  10. Oh damn, what can it be if they both pass individually? Is it right for me to assume that the OS should be irrelevant since all these tests are OS-independent?

  11. With memory test the OS doesn't matter too much. If I'm not wrong, you can run the test without booting in Windows (running it from a bootable CD or USB stick). The memory controller is integrated in the CPU, so a next suspect would be the CPU or the motherboard - BIOS (compatibility issues) or memory slots.
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  13. I'm going to ask an unrelated question quickly. Within my BIOS setup, I have been noticing that the Chassis Fan 1 monitor jumps between hovering around 1180-1200RPM to some super large number 6750000 every once in a while. Would that indicate any problems? I believe I have more than one chassis fan installed but in the BiOS it seems to show 1. Is it suppose to be like that?
  14. I guess I made a mistake on what RAM I had since I think it was changed last minute. I took 1 Ram module out and so far there doesnt seem to be any errors. I will swap them later and try with the other one. Hoping the one I took out has errors and I can just pin the problem on a bad stick.

    My actual RAM is Corsair Xms3 1333mhz.
    I decided to double check the compatibility with the QVL list. I found that my RAM is only listed in the AM3 list but not in the AM3+ list for my mobo (Asus m5a97). I am using FX6100 so that should put me in the AM3+ category. Does this matter?

    Precaution question: when I am removing the RAM I am turning everything off and removing the plug from the socket. Is this what I am suppose to do? I have never directky dealt with hardware issues before.

    Thank you for your help. I apologize for my noobness hahah
  15. Regarding the fan, it might be an issue with the monitoring software.
    Regarding the RAMs you can check the compatibility on the Kingston site:
    But it shouldn't necessarily be on that list for the RAMs to work.
    Yes, whenever installing/uninstalling components, switch off the power supply or unplug the power cord.
  16. Yeah in my original post I did not name the correct RAM, my build was changed last minute.

    I have the xms3 CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 RAM.

    It's funny i look at the M5a97 manual and for AM3+ CPU (which I think fx-series is) it doesn't even list any 1333mhz ram in QVL.

    Letting my first stick run 2 passes before I swap. Still hoping this other stick just gives me errors so I can proceed to a next step and not have to test every DIMM slot and stuff. The CAS rating Memtest86 is giving me is still a bit weird to me. 4-5-5-15. Have any input on that?
  17. If running CPU-Z, what are the SPD settings?
  18. Computeruserlvl1 said:
    I decided to double check the compatibility with the QVL list. I found that my RAM is only listed in the AM3 list but not in the AM3+ list for my mobo (Asus m5a97). I am using FX6100 so that should put me in the AM3+ category. Does this matter?

    QVLs only lists combinations that the vendor tested itself. They are by no means exhaustive lists of what works or does not. QVLs are essentially for system builders who have no time to mess around with troubleshooting or deal with parts swap-outs... whatever they buy needs to work the first time, every time, except for the occasional DOA parts.
  19. Thanks for the replies.

    I was finally able to test the other RAM module separately in the same slot and memtest86+. Error!!! Does that mean I can isolate the problem to being a bad stick? (I really hope so)

    My other stick ran for 1 pass + 100% pass at the top of the screen. It was refusing to give me a 2 under the pass column. I assume it was just glitchy since the first pass took around 40 minutes and it was already 1:45ish. It wasn't frozen because the test % was still moving and the test # would change. I let it run for another 10 minutes or so after the pass % was stuck at 100. (this is fine right?)

    I can't believe how hard I had to press to install the RAM in.

    Any tips on how to package the RAM for return? My system was custom prebuilt and they did not give me any of the RAM packaging or any anti static bags. Are those necessary? If yes, I'm going to try to get some from a local computer store.
  20. Yes, it looks like a RAM issues. I would RMA the kit.
  21. Just cause I might be able to return it through the dealer, it may take a few days to speak with them. In the mean time, I can run off 1 module right? It us probably obvious but just want to double checking that there is nothing "special" about a set (sold as a kit).

    4gb is more than enough for a lot of things I think.
  22. Computeruserlvl1 said:
    I can't believe how hard I had to press to install the RAM in.

    Yes, those connectors can be pretty stiff the first few times. Hence the importance of making absolutely sure they are lined up properly before pushing... they are hard enough to get in normally, the amount of force could easily break something by the time you realize you did something wrong.
  23. Ok looks like everything is good so far. I ran memtest86+ again on the working stick and it should be passing. I am thinking that I will do a clean install of windows at some point, would that be a good choice even if I start using my comp and no other problems pop up?

    While running memtest86+ I notice in the settings row: RAM is 400mhz (DDR800). Is is suppose to be that way cause I am only one stick? Or it should still be 667mhz (DDR1334)?

    I will be downloading CPUz to check out SPD soon
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  25. Got RMA done. Thanks for all the help.
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