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3 affordable LCDs for eyefinity in portait mode?

Just got my hd 6990. Might as well go all the way, but I dont want to reaaaly break the bank. Also, I dont want to use my whole room. Recommendations appreciated. Would TN lcds be ok?
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  1. how much is a"affordable"
  2. Hello Walsterdoomit;

    TN LED LCDs would be fine - especially at keeping the total price down.
    One option would be 3 20" 1600x900 models for an effective 2700x1600" in portrait.
    Dell P2011H 20" LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor $175 or $525 for a set.
    The set of 3 should span about 37" on your desk.
  3. For a 3240x1920 effective resolution:
    Dell P2211H 21.5" LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor $190 or $570 for a set.
    Also about 37" on your desk.

    And a DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter Converter or Mini DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter Converterif you need one.
  4. I guess I should have added between $135 to $200 each LCD. Thanks! for the replies so far. I am looking into them.
  5. 9_breaker, that LCD has a rounded bottom which would be bad for portrait mode. Nice deal for non portrait mode tho, thanks.

    WR2, can you (or someone) explain the display port, or post a link that explains it? Everything I find just confuses me more. The 6990 comes with like 4 different adapters. ONE of each type. Is there a "best" route that you can recommend? It would be great to have 3 of the same LCDs with 3 of the same adapters, no? Very confusing.

    The p2211 looks like an awesome deal, but no display port input. So would I need 3 of the DVI adapters / converters?
  6. I think your 6990 should has 1 DVI and 4 mini Displayports?
    You could use 1 DVI, and the mini Displayport to DVI that should come in your cards accessory pack.

    And it looks like you'll need at least 1 active miniDP to DVI adapter. (not the passive models I linked above).
  7. Yes it is the saphire hd 6990, 1 and 4. So, I would use the single DVI and 2 mini ports to dvi converters? Thanks so much for your replies!
  8. Oh yeah, i forgot to ask about active vs. passive. I guess this is the part that is sending me into confusion, mostly.
  9. I had to double check as well
    From the AMD Website:
    • A maximum of 2 legacy monitors (VGA, DVI or HDMI) can be enabled simultaneously, provided that each monitor is connected either directly or via a “passive” DisplayPort™ adapter/dongle. “Passive” adapters/dongles will NOT support more than 2 legacy monitors.
    • To enable support for more than 2 monitors, “active” DisplayPort™ adapters/dongles are required (or monitors with direct DisplayPort™ connectivity must be used).
  10. Could I assume, that I need the single DVI, one passive converter, and one active converter? Or both active, both passive. I clicked on the chart you linked, and looked at the replies. There is a lot of confusion there as well. My 6990 tho, is newer, and it is easier, than the older design of the 5870. Its just the 4 minis. Which adapters are needed for 3 or 4 lcds? OK I will wait for some replies. Its just all exciting!
  11. Awesome WR2 that is the best answer, to THAT question. I think I have the adapter thing nailed! Still looks as though you have the LCD answer nailed as well! I like the p2211h is the answer! Its VERY nice, does portrait mode with small bezel, energy star, and I love my dell LCDs. Ill wait for more input.
  12. Best answer
    I needed to confirm there was an active adapter in the accessory pack and it looks like there is one active and one passive.
    So your connections would be 1 DVI, 1 active from the accessory pack and 1 active ordered online.
  13. Yup, there you go. Just as WR2 points out.
  14. Best answer selected by Walsterdoomit.
  15. Thanks WR2. Best answer for you! :bounce: Awesome. :sol:
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