Should I replace M2NBP-VM CSM, complicated problem

I have an ASUS M2NBP-VM CSM motherboard with AMD 6000+ CPU. Some time ago, video on the motherboard went out so I bought a cheap Nvidia PCI-E and began using that. Now when powering the machine off the disk starts reading randomly as soon as Windows has unloaded. I thought this was caused by the new video card. Another problem was the video port on the new card gave no output, but DVI would, so I used DVI. When powering down or rebooting I wait until the monitor looses signal, hold the power button down to force power off, then power on again. It's a minor nuisance but I've been using the machine awhile that way.

It has Windows XP 32bit. I wanted to upgrade to Windows 8 64bit, so when upgrading my laptop from Windows 7 64 to Windows 8 64 I made a DVD. After obtaining a Windows 8 upgrade key for the desktop I proceeded to upgrade using the DVD. Unfortunately the horizontal sync was off using the DVI port with the Windows install DVD. I could make some of the screen out and probably could have completed the upgrade, but wanted to be sure what I was doing.

The motherboard video port will put out, it seems, but when changing to full resolution graphics it fails. I get the Windows XP boot screen, but when changing to 1920x1200 at login it quits. This was good enough to do the Windows 8 upgrade, so I began that. After awhile I wasn't able to figure out what it was doing. I stepped away for a bit, and when I came back the monitor had lost signal and the hard disk was running. I did not know if the machine had rebooted and hung, or if Windows 8 was still installing. If the monitor lost signal it seemed it was hung after rebooting. I let it run awhile to see if it finished. The disk was still running and I powered it off.

I already spent my money for the Windows 8 upgrade. I'm wondering if I should get an exact motherboard replacement on Ebay for $34 and start over. It must have the same Windows XP operating system that it had when I purchased the upgrade. I already restored the hard disk using another machine, and it boots OK. But the video situation got worse. Now I can't get motherboard video or video on the PCI-E card either one.

If I got a new and better motherboard I'm sure I could boot into safe mode, uninstall drivers, boot normally, let it find new drivers, then re validate Windows. If I replace with the same exact board I wouldn't have to do that. Or, I could replace the motherboard with a new and better one, not boot into XP, and just do the upgrade. I don't think the hardware change would make a difference since I would not be booting XP and all the upgrade wants to see is a valid XP operating system to proceed.

It is now apparent the motherboard video problem blocks video port output on the PCI-E card, does not block DVI on the card, and also causes the power down problem. I did not realize this until trying to do the Windows 8 upgrade. The motherboard needs to be replaced. I should have done that when the video first went out. May have even cost less money than the PCI-E card.

I'm in search of suggestions what to do, whether to replace with the same motherboard or get a newer and better one. The ASUS M2NBP-VM CSM works really well and it's been a fast system with 4 gig memory and two 7200 rpm terabyte drives. Thanks
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    wew.. don't you think your post a little bit too long?

    I think the answer is "it depends". It depends on the budget and what you need.
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