Gigabyte Motherboard VGA driver will not install

OS: windows 8 64-bit
Motherboard: gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
CPU: i5-3770k unlocked
Graphics card: MSI R7950

This was my first build. Everything worked fine and I have had no significant problems. However I have been using the DVI port on my graphics card to display on my monitor. I did this because when I tried using the DVI and RGB ports on my motherboard I would get no display. This was not really a problem because I could just use the DVI port on my video card. The reason I need to use them now is that I just received a good second monitor and want to use both at the same time. I think the problem is that the VGA Drivers will not install, when running the setup I get this message "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." So I guess because the driver is not installed the ports remain inactive. I have searched a lot and haven't found any answers. I went to the Gigabyte site to download the drivers ( all of them installed accept the VGA (side note:the audio out ports on the back started working for the first time when i did this). when the VGA did not work windows 8 64 bit i tried 32 and widows 7 64-bit, but it gave me the same message. Im really not sure what to do because im sure that my system should meet the requirements what ever they are, and would be quite shocked to hear otherwise. If anyone can help me at all i would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for any help,
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  1. Hi, Check in BIOS the graphics priority. Make sure it's set auto or igfx.
    Uninstall the graphics card and connect the monitor to the onboard. See if it does work. If yes, install the Intel HD drivers.
  2. I think you got something wrong here! You have a dedicated graphics card. That is detected by the bios and the intel graphic is switched off. Why would you use the slow intel graphics, if you have the R7950? Plug both monitors in there and that's it.
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