Will 1666Mhz or Higher rams work on 1066Mhz supported ram slot?

this is my motherboard (support only upto 1333Mhz Memory)


i want to buy a high end ram like corsair Which runs at 1666 or higher (for my future motherboard)

will it work on my current pc ? (until i buy a New one)

explain me ..thanks ..

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  1. Will work.
  2. Might not, depends on motherboard. My ECE motherboard won't even boot with 1600 ram so I can't get to bios to set speed.
  3. Hmm..I have the same query, I have an Intel mobo and it also supports upto 1333, looking to buy 1600 corsair dominator..will it work?
  4. Yes because ram has multiple jedec profiles for mobo compatibility. If the ram didn't work it just wasn't compatible with that mobo. That is why mobo manufacturers have a qvl. Ecs isn't good and I would not recommend them. Asus and intel are good and will work with just about any ram. Ram will not overclock itself. The stated speed is just the max it was tested at, not the speed it will default to. It will default to the mobo/cpu default speed.
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