Is a Gtx 560ti or GTX 295 compatable with my dated pc?

i have Packard Bell iMedia 2142, which has a iga 775 motherboard (has been upgraded with 4gb of ram, 2.66ghz quad core prosscer and windows 7 ulitmate 64 bit and a 9500gt) i would like to know if either the GTX 560ti or GTX 295 will work with my system (btw i already know i need a 16x PCI-e thngy but not sure about power supplies and other ***) oh and i want it for gaming
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  1. The answer for now is no. The reason is the psu and a sub 3ghz quad is going to struggle any way but not terribly. Upgrade the psu and then you can upgrade your card. You can get a gtx 295 on the cheap but they don't support dx11 and they have their own issues.

    $100-150 usd for the GTX295 (eBay)
    $200-260 usd for the gtx 560ti (Retail newegg ect)
  2. Thanks :D
    A couple of things:
    would size be an issue? (sorry im new to all this)
    And can you reccomend a new PCU ( make sure the PCU and the GPU dosent cost more than £250)
    and thanks again!
  3. The GTX295 doesn't support DX11 is hot, bulky and a power guzzler! But i dont know why.... i love the card. Its still very good for games.

    How much is the Q9550 in pounds now?
  4. Bout £200, would the GTX 295 be able to play bf 3?
  5. If the Q9550 is 200 pounds then i think it would be very hard to settle for a new PSU for 50 pounds. I think you would have to get a lower quad.
  6. sorry im confused i didnt mean to ask about a new prosscer i meant to ask about a power supply and graphics adapter :/ probs my bad
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