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AMD Athlon X4 620 @ 2.6 GHz

The following are the detailed specs of the machine I currently have:

I don't use the integrated graphics but rather a GeForce 9500GT PCI Express Gen 2 card with 1024 MB DDR2 memory.

I am interested in playing Final Fantasy XIV but with spending the minimum amount of money possible.

I know the game has some ridiculus reccomended system requirements but I don't care if I can't play on max settings but I want the game to at least play comfortably.

Based on my research it seems like I should be able to run the game with my processor etc but I am unsure.

It looks like at a minimum I will need to upgrade the Power Supply and graphics card.

My issue is in determining the best graphics card I can buy that will not bottleneck my CPU. Any advice provided would be greatly appreciated!
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    Get a 6850 and Good 600W PS...

    Should be Around ~$200 and that should be smooth..

    If you already have a Good 500W Power Supply.... you can try with the card first .... and if not work then get a new some money...
  2. Yes, I agree with the statement listed by sonexpc. You must get yourself a new PSU. Go for Antec or Corsair or Seasonic for the best PSU criteria.
  3. The PC I have has only a 300W power supply so I will definitely need to pick up a power supply like the one you mentioned which is fine.

    The graphics card you mentioned looks good but it is PCI-Express 2.1 and my mobo only supports PCI-Express 2.0, Can you reccomend a similar card that will enable the game to play smoothly.

    I don't mind spending ~$200 if I can play FF14 and similar new games at decent levels smoothly but if my CPU etc. are huge bottlenecks I would prefer just to hold onto my $200 and build a new computer 6 - 12 months from now ;) It would be nice to be able to get by with only a $200 investment and hold out on building a new pc for a couple more years. Quite frankly thing are changing alot especially with new OS releases and the supposed "post-PC era" lol

    I'm thinking about this PSU:

    and this graphics card:
  4. THe video you choose will work on PCI-E 2.0 No problem..
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