Get Sandy Bridge-E or wait for ivy bridge

my old computer is fucked so once they find out what i can salvage form it i will get a new one so should i go lga2011 and get a sandy bridge-e either the Intel Core i7 3820 or Intel Core i7 3930K depending how much i want to spend or wait for ivy bridge and lga1155 with ivy bridge. they say ivy bridge has a 15-20% increase in performance over sandy bridge is that increase for sandy bridge only or is it for sandy bridge-e to,. if the ivy bridge has a 15-20% performance over sandy bridge-e i dont see the point in anyone buying a sandy bridge-e

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  1. "They" lied to you. Should be between 5-15%, with 5-10% being the norm for most things.

    Assuming this is for gaming, just grab a 2500 or 2600. You don't even need IB.
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