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LGA1155 VS LGA2011

Hey guys,

I have some questions regarding LGA1155 & LGA2011. I have also read on some sites that Ivy-Bridge-E LGA2011 will be the only chips to support fully unlocked overclocking, does anyone know how much fact that is?

So i am looking to upgrade to INTEL from AMD, i will be starting with a sandy-bridge chip & moving to ivy-bridge some time after release.

LGA2011 seems to be the more powerfull platform from what i have read, but i would like to know what would be the better option. I will be using multi-GPU in either SLI/Crossfire depending what GPU vendor i choose to go with now.

Thanks, and any opinions you may have will be very helpfull.
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  1. 1155. Simply because it is cheaper.
  2. Well to be honest, spending a $100 more for a better platform is well worth the money. I'm not looking to save a little i wan't the best option possible.

    Thanks for the reply :)
  3. Well if you can afford a $1000.00+ CPU then go LGA 2011, but I can say that I got i5 2500K overclocked at 4.7 GHZ is blazing fast equal or better than LGA 2011 X79 chipset MB. I mean if you are in a budget with just purely surfing and gaming person then LGA 1155 Z68, P67 chipset MB is well enough.
  4. It's basically the same, you wont' see that much of a performance difference between each platform.
  5. lucasrivers said:
    Well to be honest, spending a $100 more for a better platform is well worth the money. I'm not looking to save a little i wan't the best option possible.

    Thanks for the reply :)

    It's not just $100-$200 more for the 2011 socket motherboard; the processor choices for IB-E are probably going to be ~$600 for the enthusiast, and ~$1,000 for the extreme chip (if pricing parallels SB-E chips). I don't count the 4-core enthusiast chip because I'm not sure of the purpose.

    Do you really have a need for a 6-core/12-thread processor? If you do, then maybe look into the i7-3930K. If not, then get the i7-2600K with a good z68/p67 motherboard, a good cooler, and overclock it to +4.5GHz. If you can wait a month or two (or until summer, who knows), build it around 1155 socket IB (will use less power than Sandy, and might be a smidgen faster).
  6. Hey,

    I don't have a need for a 6-core/12-thread processor. But i will have a need for the extra PCI-E lanes that the LGA2011 provides. Now if the new motherboards that will be coming out like the Z77 and others will have the extra PCI-E lanes then i would go with the less expensive platform.

    Here is what i have now:

    AMD Phenom II X4 840
    4GB DDR3 1600MHZ
    GTX 260 (Upgrading that soon)
    1.5TB Western Digital 5900K RPM
    750W SLI PSU

    i'm going to be upgrading soon, would i be better off upgrading to a I5 2500K & Z68 MB, then upgrading the GPU when the HD 7xxx has some more to offer or when Nvidia 6xx is out. or upgrade the GPU now & wait for Ivy-Bridge?

  7. What is the point of more pcie lanes at this point? 7970 finally saturated pcie 2.0 now with pcie 3.0 no cards atm will not saturate it.
  8. Well i guess you have a point there :P
  9. Best answer
    The question of which is best really comes down to what you are going to be doing with the system. If you are gaming or normal usage there really isnt going to be much of a difference between the 1155 and the 2011 sockets performance. Now on applications where high memory bandwidth or extreme ends on PCI-e bandwidth are heavily multi-threaded jobs you might see a difference with the 2011 socket based boards and processors in performance.

    So if you are doing something like video editing go with socket 2011 or if you are gaming or normal usage go with 1155.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusast Team
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