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my exhaust fan in the back of my case stopped working & my computer shuts off because of the increase in temperature inside the case. I cannot replace the fan because its wired to the side panel fan which is then connected to the PSU. Any ideas on how i can turn it on.
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  1. You can't unscrew it...?
  2. i can unscrew it but that would be pointless because the wire from the fan is wired to the same exact connector has the side panel fan. So if it was the connector the side panel fan wouldnt work either but it does, which is confusing me. so i cant game until its fixed.
  3. Take pics! I don't know what you mean? Molex connector, 3 pin, 4 pin???
  4. Disconnect them from one another and replace the dead fan. The fans were assembled and wired by human hands, you can just reverse the process. Molex connectors snap open, 3 pins can be freed from the connectors. If ya don't have htem, get the tools here:

  5. Molex connector 4 pin.
  6. You could just change the settings in the BIOS so that it doesnt use the fan monitors and then cut the one fan that isnt working off and replace it with a new fan taht is connected to your motherboard or spare molex/3 pin /4 pin whatever you have
  7. What is the model of the Case that you're using?
  8. I would recommend you to check your cpu and gpu cooler aswell, since exhaust fan isn't the only fan that cools the system.
    Probably you need to change the thermal paste on the cpu/gpu cooler, since a system should work perfectly without a exhaust fan, it's there just to create a wind tunnel(takes air in from front/bottom and exhausts from rear/top), just so that the system would be cooler and more quiet(cpu and gpu will run on lower revs).
  9. ^agreed, your system shouldn't be that reliant on a single fan anyway. pre-existing problem.
  10. I found the problem, the fan was shot. So i replaced it & the new one works fine.
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