Asus laptop not charging

Ok I have a asus k53e laptop
The charger port was loose when I wiggle it pc charged
I paid a guy to fix it. He said just need soldered
Next day I went to pick it up after work
He said when he reassembled it and turned it on ut shut off
He states the mother board is bad

The day I took it to him I used it without issues just had to hold the charger

My question is when he "fixed it" did he maybe not really.
Seems strange to me
My chargers green light is on
But 0 lights on my laptop when plugged in. Does not attempt to turn on like its dead
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  1. seems to me that you sent to a guy that don't really know what he is doing, from what you wrote you charger pin may have broken from metal fatigue, yes you can solder it but it is not the best solution,change to a new pin is the best option, my guess is that the soldering is not clean, traces of lead make a short circuit. Try look at the charger light, any different when you plug in to the pin on the laptop and when it is not, if the light appear dim when you plug into the laptop then it is short circuit on the pin contact, don't leave for a long time if this happen, it can ruin your charger. Ps board are sensitive to static current, earth you hand if you intend to open the laptop cover.
  2. I do remember him saying the pin was broke but would that cause tge motherboard to go bad?
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