Monitor incorrectly detected after sleep mode

New Build Asus M5A88-M EVO
Phenom II x6 1055T 2.8Ghz
Samsung 840 series 64Bb SSD
Radeon HD5570
Win7 Professional 64 Bit

Annoying intemittent fault whereby the monitor is incorrectly detected as a generic model instead of an LG L192WS and the screen resolution changes to a lower setting which loses a large percentage of the desktop.
I've updated to the latest AMD drivers as that seemed to work for others with a similar problem but to no avail. it takes 5 mouse clicks to open desktop and reset the display to the correct one, but after spending quite a bit to speed up my system I begrudge the time! Any suggestions warmly welcomed...
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  1. dodger46 said:
    I've updated to the latest Nvidia drivers as that seemed to work for others with a similar problem but to no avail.

    I hope that's a typo since you state that you are using a Radeon 5570.

    If the latest AMD drivers don't do the job, it might help to try some older ones, in case this is a recent bug. I'm not sure if the following driver will help you:

    I had a similar problem on my laptop (Vista 32-bit, nVidia graphics), which eventually disappeared - probably a driver update somewhere. My temporary solution was a batch file to force the resolution to the correct size. I had to download a program called ResSwitch. The command is just:
    ResSwitch.exe /width:1440 /height:900

    Naturally, change the width and width and height values to the ones you want.
  2. Thanks for pointing out the slip, NVidia on the brain after Sli probs on another machine!
    I'll give ResSwitch a try and report back...
  3. No further on. 'ResSwitch not recognised. Downloaded Display Changer and it changes the display to 1024 x 768with one click, but I want 1440 x 900 and I can't see how to change the setting!
  4. The full list of command line switches for Display Changer is available at, assuming I've found the right software :)

    It seems you just have to use the -width and -height switches to set the resolution. Using the command dccmd.exe -width=1440 -height=900 should do the trick. You might also need to specify the refresh rate using -refresh=XXX, where XXX is the desired refresh rate.
  5. Same result, 'dccmd.exe' is not recognised etc....
  6. In cmd.exe, you have to change to the directory where dccmd.exe is located, then run the command. A more permanent solution is to add the folder where dccmd.exe is to the Path environment variable.
  7. Eventually sussed that dc64.exe works from the command prompt having moved the DC folder, but the link in the Start Menu stays at 1024 x 768. Don't see how to change that to 1440 x 900 which would be useful...
  8. Right click on the link in the start menu and select properties. On the Shortcut tab there should be a field labeled "Target". That is the command line that gets executed. Just add the -width and -height switches to that command and that should do it.
  9. Clever stuff! Thanks, would never have thought of that...
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