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CPU Overheating problem -- not OC

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March 9, 2012 2:12:01 AM

Hey before i start on the problems I'm having here are the specs

-- Intel Pentiumium D 925 -- codename presler
-- Gigabyte 945gcm-s2l Motherboardoard
-- 4gig ddr2 ram -- (MHz00mhz corsier) -- one stick has heat skirt
-- 2 x sata HD -- 1tb
-- Nvidia GT 220 1gig video
-- Power coolerercooler PSU 430
Case - small stock standard case
inside case fan x 1 sml - set to exh hot air from powercooler psu which is intaking air from back also. ( only venting option's on stock case )
please note that before all these tests where done, i had cleaned the entire pc of dust using a none static brush
and discharging static by touching psu and case.
Before doing each apply of compound i used alco wipe + new cloth to clean and previous compounds
So the Problem is that the cpu is running really hot -- was sitting at 48-50 before i started cleaning the dust from the pc ( wasent that bad to begin with )
So i decided to apply some more thermal compound to the cpu -- i first cleaned it up like stated above , applied compound using the Dob technique from centre of cpu -- ( pea sized ) i then used the intel heat sink ( 4 clip type ) and pushed it down to spread the compound like i normaly do -- my computer cpu sits at 31* OC - 41* stressed
pushed in the 4 heat sink clips ( yes i did reset them and clip them down from op sides )
This started to display temps of 55-58* in bios
speed fan was giving reading's of -2 ( coretemp wouldent work )

Started to think that i may have went overboard on the compound so i decided to clean it back up and applied about 3/4 of the amount before , i reset clips on heat sink -- pushed the heatsink firmly into place and then removed it made sure the compound was nice then mounted the heatsink again and pushed clips down again.
this displayed temps of 55-59 i was then like wtf -- hadent applied to much compound looked to be a fine when i was attatching the heatsink , -- not being my first time doing this either.

decided to query the net on simular problems and found that people had temp problems with the 925 D chipset when applying compound with Dob technique and a compound apply in a line technique was solving there problems ( a thin line from centre of core 1 - 2 )
decided with no other leads to give that a go , so yet again took the pc apart and cleaned the old compound off and applied it in the line technique only using the same amount of compound from test 2 -- i then put the pc back together like previously and temp readings are @ 54-59* in bios
and go to dangerous high for this cpu during a stress test on prime and i have to stop at 61 -- ( 62.3* is max )
speed fan -2 as always

so now im stumped at to what the problem is here , iv checked the airflows , thought it could be the gauge but its giving readings simular in speedfan for cpu. All fans are running at 2400+. so any ideas here would be fantastic.

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a c 893 à CPUs
March 9, 2012 3:04:19 AM

I can see some mistakes here:

1) The purpose of thermal grease is to fill in microscopic pits in the mating surfaces to force air out. If you apply too much it acts as an insulator. It is hard to apply too little.

2) When cleaning off the old material, use a paper coffee filter. They are lint free. Any type of cloth which can leave lint will be bad. Rubbing alcohol is ok as a cleaner.

3) Did you remove the motherboard to reseat the cooler? You must look at the back of the motherboard to verify that all 4 pins are equally through the motherboard, and that the cooler is on firmly.
This last step must be done, which is why the motherboard must be out of the case to do the job.
It is possible to mount the cooler with the motherboard mounted in the case, but you can then never be certain that the push pins are inserted properly.

4) When you lifted the cooler to see how good a job you did, you made it worse. A very small drop or line(it matters not much) will spread from the center when it gets heated. That is how air bubbles are kept out.

5) The power supply fan is designed to take care of itself; not for case cooling.

6) If you have small fans in the case, the case is probably also a big contributor. Remove the sides, and direct a house fan at the innards. If that improves things importantly, then it is time to shop for a better case.

7) When you finally get it on correctly, be patient. Some grease, like AS5 may take several hundred hours and many on/off cycles to reach their maximum effectiveness.

8) Old Pentiums ran very hot, it is expected.
March 9, 2012 3:45:25 AM

your right with the 2nd attempt when lifting the heat sink up ,
id thought of that myself but on the 3rd try using the line technique on the compound i just firmly pushed the heat sink on and clipped in the clips
when i say firmly i mean i lined up the hole pushed the heatsink down then clipped in clips checked they where in properly and then got pc back together,

-- can actualy see the clips if oppisite side of this case is off its got a 20cm hole ur able to see majority of the back of the mb to check to dust n such. so im effectivly able to see if the clips are cliped.

with the PSU it was stock with giant fan on it almost same size as psu , which draws air in from the back and puts it over the cpu fan / gpu --
the small case fan i installed is exh that air from the case directly under the psu at the back

tried having the case on / off and still had same sort of readings
Take in note that intel spec this chips max Temp is 62.3

i was using artic pro 5 compound , with previous times iv done it , cpu temps are lower after the application of the compound and then improve with time , not become worse and then not much change in 12hrs +
and idles of 55-58 when max is 62.3 is to much with no stess on cpu in the bio's

but the idea with mounts was decent im just thinking if it doesent improve i would just replace the heat sink with a diffrent one and go with normal dob tech again -- really wasent using much each of the 3 times
dont really have a house fan to stick in side of it to check how that effects it

did turn smart fan option off in bio's too , and made cpu fan run @ max made -2* diffrence but 53-56 is still high under no stress

so any other ideas would be fantastic guys :( 
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March 9, 2012 3:47:39 AM

Ps i used the cloths designed for cleaning the cpu / gpu they look like ones u get with monitor cleaners

Best solution

a b à CPUs
March 9, 2012 3:55:21 AM

You start up temp of this CPU is right around 45 - 50 C... this cpu is almost 4 years old... at the time the CPU temp is allways a problem.... Also ppl are crazy for the BIG coling fann... if you use A Good Big Fan may solve the problem a little bit may be ~ 40 -43C But I see this CPU allways reach 60C..... I don't know where you find the MAX temp is 62.3.... BUt I really see this CPU ~ 70C while running 100%.... But not burn still ok .... at that age we mostly set 75C to auto shut down....

See wheather you want to invest a BIG fan in this system..... Otherwise looking for a MB+CPU+MEMORY BUNDLE even G620 + MB + 4GB is around $170 - $200 Range...
March 9, 2012 4:14:46 AM

Best answer selected by ghostninja001.
March 9, 2012 4:16:50 AM

your right i was mis informed on the actual TDU on the chips just been doing some searching found this max tdu 95 ---

Thanks for the information was my mothers computer so to hear the temps are normaly around that is refreshing

cheers guys
March 9, 2012 5:51:11 AM

I also faced this problem, My PC shutdown randomly but i figured out it, it was due to overheating . I am planning to change fans. Thanks for the solution.