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I just put together a system not long ago, a few months ago. It was crashing running windows 8 with games. I came to realize that those games and windows 8 just didnt get a long.
I did notice that at times, the POST can take up to a few shows the logo of the board, asus sabertooth and sometimes it just stick there.

I noticed it locked up on me twice. Hardcore lockup where entire system freezes requiring a hard reboot.

IS it just windows 7 that may freeze on occasion?
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  1. No, it is your build! Tried memtest? Is it overheating? Simple all the stuff we recommend doing for newcomers. :)
  2. not overheating as its pretty well cooled..i wonder if the board is defective or the memory is going bac
  3. Then start the drill down with memtest86?
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