Please check my cable connections

I'm in the process of building my first computer and I think I have almost everything ready (I haven't installed the video card) but I'd like for someone to please double check my cable connections before powering up, I don't want to blow anything up so please bear with me :)
Here are the parts I'm using:

ASUS P8Z68 PRO/GEN3 board
Corsair Carbide 500R case
Corsair 650 TXV2 power supply (non-modular)
intel 2500k cpu
hyper 212 evo hsf

Here's what I've connected so far:
-cpu hsf into the 3 pin cpu fan slot on MB
-power supply cables into the 24-pin EATXPWR and 8-pin EATX12V slots on the MB
-HD Audio cable from case into front panel audio connector on the MB
-1394 cable from case into the IE1394_1 slot on MB
-Q connector (system panel connector): I plugged in the PLED+, PLED+, HDD LED +/-, and power/ground and reset/ground cables I wasn't sure which cable was power, which was ground, same with reset/ground but I reads somewhere that it doesn't matter so I just went with the most natural way to connect it without twisting the cables around
I left the 4-pin SPEAKER alone, since there is no cable from the case for that
-USB 3.0 from the case into the USB 3.0 connector on the mb
-the molex cable for the fan controller ino a molex connector cable from the power supply
-the rear fan cable into the 3 pin PWR_FAN2 slot on the mb (I did not see a way to integrate the rear fan cable into the fan controller which seems to only control the front and side panel fans, there wasn't much of an instructions manual for the case)
-HDD connection: one cable connecting it to the mb's SATA 3.0Gb/s connector, the other cable to the power supply
-DVD RW: same as HDD connection

does everything sound right so far? am I missing anything? I didn't utilize all the parts that came with the asus motherboard, such as a little blue 8-1 pin connector that has 5V,P1+,P1-,GND on one side and usb on the other side and a 2 USB 3.0 mounting bracket.
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    Everything sounds fine to me except that the cables from the front panel definitely matter.

    They should be labeled. Maybe the labels are hard to see but there should be something on there somewhere. A letter G or something, maybe in the same color as the connector. The ones on my case connector were hard to see too but they were there.
  2. All the cables from the case are black, so no color code help there, as far as the power/gnd and reset/gnd cables from the case, the only difference I can tell with the 2 pins is that one of them have a little triangle, not sure what that means...
  3. Power cables pretty much have only 1 place to go on the MB. Like Raiddin sez, the front case connectors can be a bit tricky. You might need to use your MB manual to clearly identify which pins are which. HDD is the hard drive LED, PWR is the on/off switch, RST is the reset switch, etc. As for power/grnd, it won't really make any difference, they work either way but if you're real touchy about that, the MB manual usually points out ground on the connector.
  4. Thanks guys, I powered up my computer and it started successful! just have to wait for the windows 7 disc now to install
  5. I am pretty sure the triangle means power. On some of my cables there is a triangle and a G, and I am pretty sure the G means ground.
  6. okay great then I have it plugged in the right way, thanks a bunch!
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