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ASrock motherboards are thinner. Does this means that they won't last long.
Is the uefi bios of ASrock H77 PRO4/MVP motherboards good?
Which mother board should i buy?
1) ASrock H77 PRO4/MVP
2) Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H
3) Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H
4) MSI ZH77A-G41
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  1. But there are many bad feedbacks about this motherboard on
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    A thinner motherboard with fewer levels is cheaper to produce.
    It might make a minor difference in what features can be put on the motherboard, but not in longevity.

    Motherboards will tend to become obsolete before they fail anyway.

    I have had no problems with the ASROCK uefi bios.

    All the motherboards you listed are from decent companies; pick you favored brand so long as it has the features you need.
    Note that the Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H Is a M-ATX sized motherboard with 4 expansion slots.
    If you case only supports M-ATX, that is the one you want.

    In general though, I might look at Z77 based motherboards to preserve the option in the future to install an overclockable "K" cpu.
  3. akhilmangala said:
    But there are many bad feedbacks about this motherboard on

    You will tend to see more negative feedback posts; it is natural to complai of failure. Particularly from less expensive products that are more often purchased by inexperienced builders.

    The high number of negative posts does give me some pause, but I do like the responses from ASrock trying to address the issues.
    I have never had a failed motherboard from anybody, and your odds are likely go be good. Sometimes there are some issued that are fixed by bios updates , so it might pay to check out how long a motherboard has been out. A product that has been out a while with lots of sales is likely to have had any initial problems fixed.
  4. agree with geofelt :D
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  6. I've been looking at AsRock boards as well. I've been looking at a budget gaming build using H77 mATX board. One thing i'm noticing is that when I go to mobo company sites, not many have verified compatible RAM configurations for 2 x 8GB RAM sticks. I would like 16GB...even though I can get by with 8GB. Why would they say a mobo can support up to 16GB if they can't verify/support a configuration. Is it only because they are basing it on what they know how much the processor can support? Is it just trial and error then in picking the right RAM?

    ASRock H77M LGA 1155
    Ivy Bridge i5 3570K
    And...16GB RAM
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