Did my GPU just short?

Hey guys,

So I just built my computer, with an i7 2600k and GTX 460. I hooked everything up, and it booted up fine. The motherboard is a Z68 chipset with integrated graphics, so I hooked up the display through the mobo and it booted. I then tried to hook the display up to the GTX 460 but it didn't work because I realized I had forgotten to put in the two 6-pin power connectors from the PSU(Corsair CX600). I hooked both in, and the computer didn't boot at all. I took one of the connectors out of the GTX 460 and it booted, but I smelled something burning so I quickly turned it off. I tried one more time with only one connector in, and it booted but the GPU started smoking. I took the entire graphics card out and tried again, and everything worked fine. So I have no idea what just happened. Do you guys have any advice about what to do next? What do you think is wrong? Could it be just a bad graphics card? I can't see how it's the PSU seeing as it worked fine afterwards. If it's a graphics card, hopefully I can just return this one and pick up a new one. Is there any chance it is the PSU or motherboard, or that the PCI-E slot is bad?
Thanks in advance. Any help is very much appreciated.
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    when a component smokes you need to return it. unless you got some crazy case fogger mod.
    if the pci-e slot was providing enough current to make a gpu smoke it would have burn marks on the socket. you can check but i doubt its the problem.
    the cx600 only has 1 12v rail and if it was putting out too much current, your motherboard would be smoking too. so not your power supply.
  2. Thanks for the help. So if I put in a new, working GTX 460 you think it should work just fine? Again, thanks in advance.
  3. It should, sounds like you just got a bad card. It happens more often then you might think.
  4. Let us know if that doesn't fix the problem. Were there any burn marks anywhere on the GPU or mobo? If you have any PCI-E GPUs try slapping it in to test it really fast.
  5. I replaced it with a new GTX 460, and it's worked perfectly so far. Looks like it was just a bad card. Anyway, thanks for all the help.
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