HAF 922 Case Mod / Update

Hey guys I love my HAF 922 but I would like it to be slightly updated.
The things I would like to update are:
1) USB 3.0 Front ports
2)Black Front I/O Cables
3)Black Interior
4)Removable Dust Filters
5)Rubber Cable Management Grommets

So For Solutions I am thinking
1) Not really important right now because I have a P5K SE but a USB 3.0 3.5inch Front Panel from CM
2) I'm thinking a nice clean black electric tape wrap will be the easiest way and not look too bad
3)Just spray paint I think, a matte black exterior paint. Is there any good/bad paints to use for this?
Now the Harder Parts
4)This is the hardest part and I am mostly concerned about the PSU intake so Im thinking of making a square frame to hold a mesh or nylons in as one piece. Then screwing/mounting some L or C shaped rails on the bottom of the case where the PSU intake is and just sliding the frame with mesh in and out of the brackets to clean it. Not sure how to do the other fans.
5) I think if I buy one piece of rubber and then cut it to fit the places outlined in black in the picture and then cut X's or t's for the cables to go through it will work well.

Any input or suggestions would be great. As well if anyone is interested I can make a log/ guide on how to do all the upgrades.

Here is a picture of the cases currently and the black outlines is what I want to cover in rubber with grommets
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  1. If anyone has any ideas or better solutions, or has done this themselves please let me know if this will work
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    A log would be great, its always nice to see work progressing :)

    Image isn't working I'm afraid,
    basic answers though,

    yes, electrical tape will do, but check out fabric tape,
    it looks better and isn't as stiff to move after a week, leccy tape sets hard (experience)
    Spraying case is fine, lots of sanding where you can to key it, and go for a lot of light passes, rather than trying to 'paint' it, you'll get a smoother finish
    I just use rattlecans, so whichever brand is popular over your way

    the Psu filter sound cool, are you up to cutting the support pieces accurately enough?
    if not then I would try and look at other ways to fit it,
    My Dragon rider cam with a Psu filter, it has little tabs that fit into the mesh at certain points, if you already have the mesh underneath the Psu, maybe something like that is a better, less stress-involving option
    Or I just found this magnetic filter on thier site, maybe a scout about would find something like that you could use?
  3. Is this image working?
    And by fabric tape do you mean hockey stick tape?
    Do you mean sand the case smooth before painting or scratch it up?

    I was thinking about using magnets to hold the filter on but I wasnt sure about magnets near my computer...

    Thanks for the heads up on using electrical tape though.

    And I plan do do this sometime this week as it is spring break I'll make a log as I go.
  4. chris2341 said:

    I was thinking about using magnets to hold the filter on but I wasnt sure about magnets near my computer...

    The magnets inside your HDD are shielded from outside magnetism. Don't worry about magnets on your case. They would have to be really powerful and really close to have even a tiny effect.

    Incidentally... The best fridge magnets come from old HDDs...
  5. And don't forget there are magnets in your Psu, the manmade magnets on filters etc are so weak from a scientific view they aren't really magnets :)
    yes to sanding the case before painting, it keys the surface, allowing the paint to grip it better and not flake off,
    and the fabric tape I linked, or taxidermist tape is what I use, not hockey griptape, although that may work, it would be a bit unwieldy I reckon
  6. Okay so magnets may be an easier solution for the PSU filter, I found some rubber window/patio door screening in the garage. Do you think that will work well for a dust filter?
    Any idea where I could get low power magnets?
    And what would a good way to filter the front intake fan?
    these are low strength magnets suitable for filters (as long as your case is steel ofc)
    and yes, I think that patio screen would be a suitable filter material,
    use the same mats for the front filter too
  8. Hey just an update I painted my case it looks great with just some light sanding and 3-4 light coats of paint.

    I made a few mistakes by apply it to thick and it ran a bit and another where some leaf pieces got in the paint... They made a bit of a mess but they are cleaning up okay. Ill have a full log and pictures in a few days after all my mods.
  9. So the mod is complete and the rig is back together. Would you guys like to see just some pictures or a full worklog? and how do I post pictures so that everyone can see them?
  10. if you use imageshack or photobucket, you copy the direct image link and paste it into your post,,
    if you post in the members gallery, keep to the rules for that thread
    (theres one in homebuild and one in W/c section)
    I think theres a four pic limit on each but you can always do a full log and link it in the gallery post so folks have the choice of reading through it all, plus you can show more detail that way :)
  11. Where should I post a full log?
  12. I nornally post logs as a discussion thread, and it depends, if its a normal mod I put it in homebuild, if its watercooling mod then in Overclocking section
  13. Okay thanks
  14. Best answer selected by chris2341.
  15. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to be of assistance :)
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