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Okay so i am about to buy a new computer. Basically will use for gaming i guess?
This is my configuration , help me out guys, kind of new to this meh..

Processor : intel i5 ( not overclocking ) [ why not i7 ? read somewhere there isnt much difference betwwen i5 & i7
Ram : 4 Gb
Motherboard : havent a clue o_o
Graphic card : nvidia geforce 560 Ti
Operating system : windows 7 64 bit version
Hard drive : 1 Tb

i guess thats it ?

wanna buy a sound card , if it good if i buy one or not ? If yes which one :]
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  1. can anyone suggest my a ncie motherboard ? shuld i go with intel or asus ?
  2. What matters here is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on the entire build? That will allow us to optimize a build for you.
    You won't need to OC the 2500K much now, but you definitely should in the future. It'll let you do GPU upgrades and keep your system running for quite a while with free OCing performance boosts.
    You don't need a sound card unless you have some kind of multi-thousand-dollar audio setup and lossless music files for it to play.
    Here's a cheap, decent mobo (ASRock Z68 Extreme3):
    I think you should go with 8gb RAM. It's very cheap, and you'll probably need it in the next couple of years.
  3. like 800- 900 $
    can i get a good gaming pc which can play all the new games on such a computer ?
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    On that budget? Sure. You'll get 60fps on mid-to-high settings in the most demanding games, and on the best settings in others.
    $220 2500K
    $125 ASRock Z68 Extreme3
    $140 1tb Caviar Green
    $100 Windows
    $30 Ripjaws X *8*gb 1600mhz
    That's $615 before PSU and GPU; the above parts are pretty set. These two are flexible:
    -MSI 560 Ti, $220 after MIR
    -Corsair 500W, $60
    -> $895.
  5. thanks:D
    okay i have everythng clered up now what i wanna buy except moherboard o//o
    hmm can you give me the link of which mb i should buy ?
    i think motherboard depends on graphic card, and processor. right ?
    So well graphic card ill buy is
    processor -
    main se : gaming and all that "useless" stuff ;)
  6. I've got one up there, and I'll stand by it :D ASRock Z68 Extreme3.
    I think you'd do better with MSI's Twin Frozr version of the 560 Ti (
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  8. Also, Hitachi has relatively cheap drives at the moment (750gb/$100).
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