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Hello, my friend has an ATI 5770 card and when he got it it crashed on games with this error message "display driver amdkmdap stopped working". However we found a fix here that solved the problem. (Post by user "Dancer") But the other day his CCC crashed and would not open so he had to reinstall it. After reinstalling it he is getting the crashing again. But the old fix doesn't seem to work any more. Any Idea?
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  1. according to dxdiag. Is that what you wanted?
  2. When he clicks the driver to install it, it says that AMD display driver is already installed and up to date.
  3. He has already tried that, no luck. According to the website 11.9 is latest one and that's the one he is running according to CCC. The issue has always been there through every driver ever tried, its only that fix that changes the clock speed and voltage of the card that fixes it :S
  4. Corsair VX 550 watt PSU

    I'm the guy with the problem, made an account for this website, thanks all for the help up to this point appreciate it
  5. vista 32 bit, intel dual core E7400 2.8ghz, 4GB ram (only getting 3.3GB because of 32 bit OS)

    No overclocks atall.
  6. 32 bit drivers off the ATI site
  7. Its not a new build he has had the PC for a good while now (Well over a year)
  8. the pc itself is coming up on 3 years old, the card is only 1 swapped it from a nvidia 9500 last september
  9. Tried MSI afterburner but had no luck, seriously considering getting shot of this card.
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