Saw some posts on the above. How do I know how much wattage my CPU is for updating from Radeon 3600 series to HD 5770? The comp came as their stock with me just upgrading memory and hard drive size (gb). I since put in faster Hard drive of smaller size. Would like to know if the power supply is big enough for the HD 5770?
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  1. Probably 425W ;;rnav

    To be sure ; open your case and have a look at the psu, it should state the total watts.

    425W is enough for the 5770.
  2. The XPS 420 came with either a 375W PSU, or with a 425W PSU if you ordered the 8800 GT/GTX. I think the Radeon 3600s came with only the 375W PSU.

    Pop off the right hand side of the case, you should be able to see a sticker on the PSU that defines the wattage.
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