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Can my PSU (650w, 3 rails with 19A a piece) handle a single 6850?

Here are my current specs:

CPU: e8500 core 2 duo -
RAM: 4 GB DDR2 PC2 8500 G.Skill, currently clocked at 1:1 w/ my cpu so it's at 840 MHz right now.
Old GPU: Nvidia 8800 GT 512 mb EVGA
New GPU: Radeon HD 6850 1 GB Gigabyte w/ factory OC -
PSU: Antec True Power Trio 650w, with 3 rails, 19 amps each -

Can the 6850 run on those rails, or do I need a PSU with more amps?
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  1. Yes.
  2. It can handle 2 6850s so I'm sure 1 will be fine.
  3. Should be not just fine, but veeeeery fine! :)
  4. Ok, thank goodness. How do you know if your psu will support your gpu when it comes to amps on the rail? My google-fu keeps bringing up forums where people say that the min amps on a rail is 24, but that seems REALLY high.
  5. Most importantly it needs to be a good quality psu so you know it can actually supply the power it is rated at. The amd site says power consumption of their cards. Which is ~127w for the 6850 but you need to take into account the other components as well as safe headroom.
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    antec is a very solid company. if you look at the label, you'll see the three 12v rails, and a combined total wattage. As long as that combined wattage is at least 240W/24amps, it'll run a 6850 safely.
  7. Alrighty, thanks everyone. I do actually have a question about this now, since I'm trying to overclock it. If I should just make a new thread in the OC forum, let me know.

    I'm OCing the card using CCC's built-in Overdrive, and it seemed to be OCing like a goddamn monster. Now, I should mention that for benching between increments on my previous card, I used ATI Tool 0.27 for about 10 min until it seems like I've arrived at my final clock, at whih point I bench it for 30 minutes to ensure stability.

    For my 6850, I kept applying this method and never saw a single artifact during the benchmarks. But after about 5 minutes of benching with my Core at 905 MHz and the Memory at 1260 MHz, the screen started having this weird corruption where at first I saw a couple static lines randomly, then the screen image became a bit fuzzy and started moving to the left slowly, cycling over to the right side of my screen once it passed the left side. And all the while this happened, there wasn't a single artifact in ATI Tool. I checked my HDMI cables and found that they were definitely in place, so I ended the test and the screen stayed... weird. I turned the screen off then back on, and it was fine again.

    The temps definitely aren't dangerous, they hit 67c max. Is my PSU not able to handle this clock, or does ATI Tool just not show artifacts correctly? Should I use different software?

    Let me know if I should take this over to the OC forum.
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  9. Try furmark.
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