Sb Live! vs Acoustic Edge

I just recieved my Acoustic Edge, (cost me $89.99, PLUS $82.00 shipping to South Africa, ouch), and was disappointed to find out that my dream of connecting a single digital cable to my amp is still not possible :(

Phillips claim on their web site ( that their card supports the following:
- 5.1 (6 channel) channel analog output
- Digital S/PDIF output (stereo, AC3 or DTS signal)

BUT ! This card ONLY does S/PDIF Sterio when playing games etc, and is simply a pass through for DTS and DD when playing movies. The only way to get games to use 5.1 is to use the analogue connectors.

Sighs ...

So, I now have to decide if I should keep my SB-Live 5.1, or replace it with the Acoustic Edge. I prefer the sound I get from the Acoustic Edge (5.1 surround in Sacrifice rules!). BUT ... Creative have been around a lot longer, and will probably have better driver updates. (It sucks that Phillips require you to have internet connection for driver updates)

Anyone have some good suggestions for me ?

CYA, Carl
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  1. Well, Philips itself sucks!!

    I think you should keep your Live! 5.1 or buy a Live!
    Paltinum 5.1 !

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  2. 5.1 plat kicks butt its one of the best for gaming and they put out this add on for games called eax its awesome if your an unreal fan
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