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I have LG 22LK230 LCD TV want to connect to PC through HDMI cable, i have connected the cable of one end of HDMI port to TV and the other end of it to pc, and when i on the TV and change the menu option to HDMI, there is no signal its displaying and no vedio is coming please update whether LG 22LK230 LCD TV support computer if so let me know the configration of the system to change the resolution
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  1. Some computers can not use dvi and HDMI ports at the same time, could be your problem.
  2. Did you just connect the tv to the pc, or did you change screen settings from windows too?
    If you haven't changed settings, then do so.

    Also would help, if you would tell what brand graphics card you have.
  3. I have D101ggc motherboard P-IV, and i have connected the pc to my LCD tv, i read in internet to refresh the refresh rate which i can only see in my PC abt the resolution setting i did this serval times but in vain.
    But seeing the menu on TV which says HDMI option but after connecting the VGA frm PC --- > HDMI on TV i still can be connection. But please update me whether LG 22LK230 LCD TV want to connect to PC through HDMI cable would support PC
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