2x120mm or 1x200mm fan(s)

hi, I have just got a new pc case (cm storm enforcer) it has got a 200mm fan on the front and a 120mm exhaust at the rear but at the top of the case the is space for either a 200mm or 2x120mm fan(s) what would be best. From what I know I think the 120mm’s would be more effective and the 200mm would be quieter, so what do you think is best?

Also what direction should I have it facing? I heard somewhere that it is best to have them facing in so the will be so compression and that is good to stop dust getting in.

Cheers Tom.
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  1. Hello mercer95;

    Nice case. Either option would be fine, actually.

    Mount it as exhaust. Hot air rises - why fight mother nature?
    Front/side/low intake and rear/top exhaust.
  2. just got the cm storm trooper

    going to change the top 200mm for two 120mm as its too loud unless on very slow setting

    so make sure you use a quiet 200mm if you go that way

    and as already said as exhaust
  3. If you are going to go 2 X 120 I recommend the Cougar fans: great cooling (60 +cfm) & quiet and they boast 300,000 hrs mtbf.

    For my rig I use a single 200 CM Corsair fan that comes with my case 600T for a top exhaust because the Antec 920 radiator can't fit with 2 X 120 mm. Be sure that you can fit whatever fans you choose because the thicker 200 mm fans won't fit in the 600T case.
  4. Having been in the heating and cooling business for 30 pls years, i can tell you that the gentleman above, who mentioned that heat rises, is absoluteky right! If you do ay research at all, you will be able to confirm that as true. Always mount yout top fan as an exhaust, pulling the hot air out of the case. Also, I would use the larger, single fan, instead of two fans. The single, larger fan, on a lower speed setting, will be quieter, and move more air at the same time. Hope this was helpful. Good luck
  5. thanks for the response's, i think i will go for a 200mm exhaust, what about the exhaust at the rear should i keep that as an exhaust to or change it?
  6. A rear fan, up high in the case like that where the warm are is? Keep it exhaust.
  7. i think i will, but when the new ivy bridge i5 comes out im going to get a water cooler and use that for the radiator and fan.
  8. What water cooler will you get? One of the dual 120mm fan radiator types?
  9. No just a single 120mm fan for the rear, I would like to put one on the top but the isn’t enough clearance.


    something similar to this ^
  10. You can spend less and get better performance: Corsair Hydro H60 CPU Water Cooler Review
  11. yeh i now it was the first one i found just wanted to show you what im after :D
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