3.24Gb usable out of 8Gb Win7Pro 64bit

My computer is Intel i7 CPU 860@2.80GHz,
ASUST P7P55D Motherboard,
8Gb RAM (4x2Gb DDR3),
MS Win7 Pro 64bit.

3.24Gb usable out of 8Gb is showing in the system properties.

I've tried the remapping ENABLED in the BIOS, but after computer restarts i get the "Blue screen of death" saying that the system could not load windows and is now dumping memory. restart your system. After hitting the reset button, I still get the same problem. Went back into BIOS and disabled the remapping feature. So now stuck back with 3.24Gb usable out of 8Gb RAM.

Any idea's anyone.

Please help. I've been looking for a solution to this for 2 years now :(
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  1. I just fixed that issue a few mins ago, and the problem was DRAM Advance Technology in Bios. I use MSI mobo so idk what urs bios looks like so if u could can u post ur system information? like 2x4gb RAM...etc. Mayb i can help u

    Totally different from ppl's solution. some are the same. some SS would be helpful.
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