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Best GPU for my CPU

I had made a computer for about $550 Can, and I still haven't found an optimal video card for it yet. I heard that some CPU's can slow down the performance of newer GPU's, so I don't want to shell out an extra $50 for wasted power. My CPU is the AMD phenom II X6 1100T, and my PS is 500w. I don't mind upgrading my PS, if necessary, but I want to find something not too expensive. I was looking at the Radeon HD 6850/6870 series, and I'm wondering, are there cheaper/ better alternatives?
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  1. what is your budget, and what brand/model psu are you running? these are very important in determining what fits your system. as far as the cpu, the 1100T is great, and shouldnt bottleneck any single card currently out esp. with a nice OC
  2. The Power Supply I have is a OCX 500w which is this:
    and I don't need the BEST graphic card, just a good one with a price/performance balance. I guess under $150.
    this should do the trick for under 150 bux AND it comes with Dirt 3.
    Your power supply should be just fine with this card.
    the price/performance ratio is quite good on this gpu
  4. then you're looking at a 5770/6770 or a GTX550Ti
  5. Lutfij said:
    then you're looking at a 5770/6770 or a GTX550Ti

    the card i linked is better than all 3 of those
  6. hmmm i see :)
  7. what about the gigabyte version? it's at 820 Mhz instead of the other cards 775
    and I don't think I need a game
    and I live in Canada, so Newegg is out of context
    The mhz rate is better the higher it is, right?
    and my Dad says $150 is WAY too much, so >$90 is good, unless you can convince him to spend more for the better
    A card like should be good for its price, right?
    thanks for all your help
  8. wait I mean under $90
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    then you have :)

    * okay here's the deal with the 5770/6770

    the 5770 has 775 on its clocks while the 6770 has 850 on its...but did you know they have the same chip under its cooling hood? they have the same performance and power draw. Last i checked the extra price commanded is cos of the 6xxx badge to the 5770's chip.

    I'd say go with a 6770 if its cheaper than a 5770 or of the same price - if you look at member config Rig 2 - i also own a is that an awesome card!
  10. the 6770 is cheaper, so I'll go with that one (ddr5 instead of ddr3 :D)
    it's about $85 after MIR, but I hate them, but still ok.
    And the minimum power is 450, so it looks like all lights are green
    Thanks for The help, I really appreciate it :) :) :) :)
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  12. enjoy the card :) i know i am!
  13. btw, the 5770 i have is 1GB DDR5 - i don't think AMD have resorted to building recent 5770's with DDR3... :heink: :ange:...?
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