Which PSU 100W or 850W? Need Help Fast!

I've got in mind two power supplies.
The first: https://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/850W+XFX+Core+Edition+80PLUS+Bronze+Power+Supply+%28Seasonic+OEM%29+?productId=45335
The second: https://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+products/1000W+Mushkin+Joule+80PLUS+Gold+Power+Supply+?productId=48434

I'm considering which to get, I need help as soon as possible.
I will be using for gaming, i5 Setup with GTX 560ti or higher, Z68/Z77 Motherboard.
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  1. The XFX 850 is a massive overkill for a single card solution so go with it!
  2. I forgot to mention it will be SLI'd.
    Thanks rolli59.
  3. Still plenty for two GTX560Ti even could run 2 x GTX580
  4. Alright, just what I wanted to hear.
    Though, SLI'd GTX580's with Overclock?
  5. Alright then, I'm sorted. Just ordered it along with 120GB Mushkin SSD and 8GB Geil 2133Mhz Memory at a steal price.
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