Looking for a Gaming PC for around ~500$

What I have:
Windows 7
CD Burner

What I need:
Hard Drive
Graphic Card

Thank you for your help ^^
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  2. How good can that PC hold up for Skyrim and maybe future games like Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR? Also is there another cheaper alternative to that graphic card?
  3. what's your monitor resolution?
  4. The PC will hold up better for Skyrim and future games than any other setup you can get for the same $ so it really doesn't matter how well it does in general.

    $500 is a bare minimum budget and you can't expect to have the best of everything with it.

    The next step down from that graphics card is a 6850 for about $145, from there the next step is a 5830 for $110, from there the next step down is a 4870 for $55.

    With each step you get worse performance.
  5. My AM3 HD 5770 runs Skyrim on high settings fine with 30min FPS. I could drop the AA and go even higher.

    I'm sure that set up there will run skyrim good. Just don't expect ultra settings without $$.
  6. I have an envision monitor. Not sure of resolution because I can't start up my computer right now lol. Will my monitor be able to support that type of graphic card? If not then I might have to upgrade...
  7. I don't think I would go below a 5830 if you want to play as many games as possible on high'ish settings.
  8. If you're willing to wait, you can often snag excellent components at low prices. was selling the 5870 for $130 plus S&H, newegg was selling the 1100T for $150, and a motherboard can be had for around $100. That's three pretty damn good components for $350, and they'll last a good while before needing replacement.

    Of course, you may need to wait months for deals like that to come along, so if you want a good rig in the forseeable future, you'll need to take everyone else's advice.
  9. I think I will keep that build and that graphic card but since I will not be needing a case or a dvd burner, can you upgrade the motherboard for me?
  10. What is wrong with the motherboard they chose?

    If you have spare $ put it toward a hard drive I would say.
  11. Yea I think I will have some spare money left. So I should upgrade my hard drive over the motherboard? What would I upgrade the hard drive to?
  12. Hard drives are mostly the same, as long as it is from a good brand like Western Digital or Seagate then the size is really all that matters.

    Prices for hard drives are high because of natural disasters in Asia, so even low end hard drives aren't cheap currently.
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