Audio connectors

On the case connectors says
Return r
Spkout r
Return l
Mix in
Mic bias
Spkout l
And the motherboard msi a55-fm2-e33
Mic l- 1
Mic r-3
Head phone r -5
Mic detection -6
Sense send -7
No pin-8
Head phone l-9
Head phone detection-10
Can y'all help me put these together
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  1. Did you read your manuals? The motherboard and the case both have manuals that explain this. I am looking at your motherboard manual now and it is clear. What is the make and model of the case?
  2. Powmax 3304 its a old case
  3. OK I can't find that manual as their web presence is a page saying underconstruction but I do have a picture via newegg.

    I see 2 usb ports, a mic port, a headphone port, a hd led, a power led, a power button, and a reset button. confirm that this all correct please.
  4. Also let me know if those case connectors are all single wire connectors or not
  5. The spkout is probably the headphone connectors (l and r)
    The mic bias is the microphone connector
    The Return could be your power button or reset button
    but that leaves your hd led and power led. and reset button/power button

    You may have to look at the wires on the connection switches to see which is which.
  6. Yea the audio connectors are single but I already have the HD led and power switch and etc hooked up its just the audio cables
  7. Ok this is my guess unfortunately it is just a guess.

    From the mb From the case
    Mic l- 1 Return l
    Ground-2 Ground
    Mic r-3 Return r
    Head phone r -5 Spkout r
    Mic detection -6 Mic bias
    Sense send -7
    No pin-8
    Head phone l-9 Spkout l
    Head phone detection-10 Mix in

    If that doesn't work test your headphones in your mic port. The detection ones are the ones I am not sure about.
  8. Oh yea that mix in meant to be mic in I'm on my smart phone
  9. then it is probably one of the mic ins with the mic bias being the other

    have no idea what return is

    you may have to play a little with it
  10. Yea I guest so well thanks
  11. Ok found some help

    Your case is AC 97

    MIC IN = MIC
    Return L = None
    Return R = none
    GND = GND
    SpkrOUT L = Line out (L)
    SpkrOUT R = Line out (R)

    You might have to set the setting in Bios to AC 97 for it to work.
  12. How will I set the settings in BIOS like enable it or something because I already did that but I'm going to try that configuration
  13. So the line out will stand for headphones l/r
  14. Quote:
    So the line out will stand for headphones l/r


    How will I set the settings in BIOS like enable it or something because I already did that but I'm going to try that configuration

    you set it for AC97
  15. What do you mean about for ac97
  16. In the bios under the audio section there should be the AC97 or High Definition (HD) audio. Your connections are AC97. Sometimes there is nothing and you set it through the OS.
  17. So I go to device manager
  18. Sorry I made a mistake. Whether you are AC97 or HD audio depends on your motherboard. Your motherboard has the Chipset integrated by Realtek® ALC887
    installed on it which is HD audio. The pinouts are the same. The difference is in the Bios you select High definition Audio. You install the Realtek drivers HD audio from your mb disc or get them off of the MB Manufacturer;s website. Then you should have a RealTek Audio Manager. After that it should work
  19. You should be able to change your bios to reflect the front panels from your case are from the AC97 timeframe. Only you will be able to tell me though since I do not have that mb or bios.
  20. yea i went to realtek and downloaded the software for 887 it worked for a minute but no sound came out but ima just buy a sound card and thanks for the help
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