Need to change graphics card, heats up to 99 Celsius.

Hello, my name is John. So, I play a lot of games on my PC. I play Halo, Portal, Portal 2, and others. I'm looking for a good graphics card. I have an HP Pavillion Desktop, Model: p6320y. The built in graphics chipset heats up to 99 celsius, says Speccy. I'd say the budget is around $150.00 US.. Thank you for helping!
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  1. Games like those don't need a powerful GPU.You could go with a 6570 and it will be worlds better than your current GPU without having to upgrade the PSU.

    Sapphire 6570 $70 + Free Shipping

    Of course if you wanted to get a more powerful GPU you would have to upgrade your PSU.

    You can try this one and just so you know the Pc you have has a 300w power supply so that will limit you as to what you can get , unless you want to upgrade your power supply. The card I listed will work with a 300w psu and goes for $80. You can get this psu for $45 and free shipping;

    Then you could get this card;
    $104.99 after rebate.
  3. The 6570 is faster than the GT430 for the same price.And if the OP upgrades to a new PSU I would suggest going with a 6850 rather than a GTS450.The GTS450 consumes a lot of power for the performance it provides.The 6850 is much better for just a couple dollars more,imo.
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