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On-Board Sound (Azalia / Realtek issue)

Hey guys,

I'm using a Gigabyte GA-P45T-ES3G Motherboard. I'm running Win7 Pro x64, E8400, G.Skill RAM, and on-board sound.

Now this is my problem, my PC will occasionally lock up. It doesn't always happen, and usually happens after booting up or returning from sleep. If it's running fine and I leave it on, I get no problems. However when it does lockup, usually the last note that was playing is sustained. The PC doesn't reboot, and I don't get a BSOD. I'm positive this is audio related. I've currently disabled the audio from the BIOS by disabling the Azalia codec. I have no sound, but viola, the PC runs perfectly now. I've even overclocked it for the first time, and it's running without a hitch with sound disabled.

I've tried using the default audio drivers, the audio drivers from the website, and even the latest Realtek drivers from Realtek's website. I get the same results each time. I have a microphone, webcam, and speakers plugged in.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm beginning to think I should just buy a sound card, and hope that will solve the issues. I've read that the sound quality is better, especially with noise because of the shielding compared with on-board sound. I'd want something inexpensive, I only need it for music, gaming, and voice chat occasionally. My speakers are Logitech and 2.1 only.

What do you guys think? Can I solve this issue, or should I spring for a (relatively) cheap sound card? Will that solve my problems? I'm looking forward to your advice.

(see here for my motherboard)

BerylLee said:
how long after running your system you saw the problem?
maybe you can look for some bios update, and uninstall audio driver in standard procedure and reinstall driver from your driver dvd or gigabyte web resource.
some latest driver may not be suitable with older audio chip.

I'd say the problem started a few weeks after the new setup. The gigabyte board is new. I think the bios is up to date, though I'll give it another try. I'll also follow your suggestion of using the older audio drivers.

The board uses Realtek ALC892 codec.


I just removed the audio drivers, and downloaded and installed the last audio driver from gigabyte's site for this motherboard. As soon as I restarted I was met with a BSOD. Manually restarted, so far so good though. Should I get a sound card?
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  1. OK I got a BSOD again and it said "Driver_IRQ_Not_less_or_equal" or something to that effect. I saved the location of the memory dump if anyone can make sense of those. Please someone give me some suggestions I have no idea what's going on.
  2. Onboard audio drivers don't cause bsod's.
    Improperly set up ram and faulty ram does.
    Have you tested the ram?
  3. You're right. All this time I thought it was audio trouble, and now I think it's the RAM. My latest crash (only a few minutes before the time of writing,) was a "Page Fault in Non-paged Area."

    I searched this and it recommended to run chkdsk. I did and there were errors, I'm going to run a chkdsk /f and see if that helps. Otherwise I'll test the RAM. This has never happened before, and when I first put the RAM in the system I ran the latest memtest +86 and there were no errors.

    I've recently OC'd the system and wonder if perhaps I've sent the FSB too high. I'll write again when testing is complete and thank you very much for the support!
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    Sounds like the oc settings may have messed up ram settings.
    Memtest86+ is very good,only one i use.
    Make sure you test one stick at a time .
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  6. how are you the result right?.
  7. I always pick the wrong answer as the "best answer." Davcon's first answer was meant to be the best.
  8. gamer30 said:
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    ni too have the same problem with my asus M5A97 EVO
    nmy rear panel wont work
    nin cmp it shows that it is alright but i wont get sound
    nmy front panel sounds strange when headphone is connected do u think its my ram problem?
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