What's wrong with my build? Please help!!

So I've built a new computer and everything seems to work( all the fans are spinning and motherboard lights are spinning) but I don't get a video signal? Any ideas? Maybe a DOA graphics card or RAM or even MOBO?
CPU: AMD FX 4100
PSU: OCZ Zs 750w
RAM: GSkill Snipers 8GB (4GB x2)
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    Kyogre504 said:

    MOBO: M5A97
    CPU: AMD FX 4100

    This is your problem right here - you're using a 970 with the FX CPU. Update the BIOS on your motherboard before you install an FX processor on an older chipset. Even the 990FX boards have problems running the FX at first.

    Asus tech support says you need BIOS version 0705 to run the FX 4100.
  2. I suspected that, but according to reviews about the board, it should work, but in case this is the problem, will newegg allow me to replace it with a phenom II?
  3. That I'm not sure of. You'll need to update the BIOS anyways. You can do that by taking out the CPU and booting the computer that way.
  4. Ok, so i tried booting with only the Mobo and Cpu and HSF, but no beeps, does that mean that the MObo is DOA? The lights and fans all work tho. I dont see and bent pins on the cpu either.
  5. You're going to have to get a Phenom II or Athlon II Socket AM3 cpu so that you can update the BIOS to version 0705. That motherboard was most likely developed and manufactured before the FX Processors(Socket AM3+) were available and therefore the BIOS doesn't know how to configure itself to operate with your CPU.
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