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  1. Monitor:

    MIR brings it down to $159.99

    Are you aware that your Mobo is a Micro ATX?

    get this version instead, it is low profile and will not block your cpu cooler. It gives the same performance as the high profile ones, but its on sale now for 10 dollars less. I have these also with the cooler master hyper 212 evo. + and evo are almost the same, but the evo is about 2 degrees better cause there's no gaps. might need to change your motherboard to ATX instead of micro, for more upgrade options in the future. Everything else is great!

    p.s i recommend the cm 690 ii because you can install about 9 fans in it , all of them have dust filters except the 2 side ones( you dont really need 2 side fans because they interrupt airflow) its a mid tower, and also one of the best mid cases, they even have a club about it in the overclock. net forums. But its up to you, i find that the 922 is also great but no dust filters xd, you will have to clean out dust every 3 months....
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