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so i am building a pc for gaming. i want to have some kind of blue color sceme. i was planning on using a intel i5 3570k and putting that on an asus p8z77-v-lk. i chose this one because it is able to run sli because i was planning to run 2 gtx 660. also because it is blue but should i dish out somemoe money to get the asus p8z77-v?i did hear there was some problems with the asus p8z77-v-lk boards. should i go with an asrock z77 extreme 4. but its not blue but if its better than i will but does any one have any recomendations on motherboards that can run sli and is maybe Blue???
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  1. Why would you get two 660s? Go with a single 670 - it's FAR better. You won't have microstuttering, you'll have the same amount of power (enough to max almost any game at 1080p and 120fps, not to mention 60), and it'll work in any game, not just the few (~50%) that support SLI.

    As for motherboard, may I suggest you not worry about something as inane as it's color? You're going to have fans with blue LEDs, right? That'll drown out any off-colors, trust me. (Also, the Extreme 4 looks bloody amazing with any color scheme - it's black and silver and gold; how could that go wrong? It's also a WAY better motherboard than the cheaper asus models. Asus is great for the luxury models, but for the budget models, AsRock and Gigabyte are kings. AsRock is actually a subsidiary of Asus, if you didn't know, that was founded to develop better low-end motherboards, and boy did they ever.)
  2. i was going to get 2 660 because i would buy 1 now and then another down the road. also what about a Msi motherboard and how is a gigabyte board are they good?
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