Please help computer freezing problem

Ok so i have this really weird problem. My computer will like freezing everything but the window im in but i can still interact in the window and Alt-ctr-delete and i can alt tab to change windows but when it changes sometimes that window wont work. Annoying as hell

heres comp specs

8gb ram
amd phenom 2 X4 955 clocked at 3211
Asus M4A78t-E motherboard
corsair 750 watt power supply'
standard multi dvd drive
Nvidia geforce 450 graphics card
d-link internet card
Cisco internet USB adapter

thank you,
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  1. Try cleaning your system of 'crap' and registry errors first. Run CCleaner. Do the Clean and Registry both. Reboot.

    You may also want to rid your system of uneeded start up programs in "System Configuration" in Windows.
  2. I've had bad Windows installs that do something like that with Ctrl+Alt+Del allowing a workaround. I'm sorry, but I think you might need to reinstall Windows. Nothing else I've tried works.
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