New ram questions?

hp elite had 9gb of ddr3 , it had 6 slots black blue black blue black blue, it had 3- 2gb cards and 3 -1 gb cards

i took them out and put in 4-4gb ripsaws in to slots 1-4

does it matter where they go? there was only 3 and 3 of the colors so i didnt know waht to do , it works fine but just want to make sure

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  1. Place it in the first four slots for dual channel to work. If you put it in Any other way your rams will work in single channel. My advice is to get another two 4gB sticks so that the system will work on triple channel.

    Ram Speed
    Triple channel>dual channel>single channel
  2. Using the 4 sticks of RAM in that order will be fine. The question is does your PC boot with the new RAM and does it show all 16gb of the RAM when you view system. Your MOBO may max out at 9GB.
  3. yes it boots fine and yes it shows all 16gb , the vendor told me it was good up to 24 gb 6 - 4gb slots
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