Help needed a new video card, I think

I keep getting a BSoD with BCCode 116 and generally can't boot my system to Windows 7. A few days back, I had seen a grid of green dots on a black screen when my system first shut down a couple of times, but now it's just BSoD one after another. My video card was really dust ridden so perhaps it fried.

Any recommendations for a new AMD card in the $100-125 range?

AMD 720 X3
Biostar ta 790gx 128m PCIe 2.0
HIS HD 4850
Corsair 650
1 640 GB drive, plus 1 1TB drive

Also if I wanted to get a new motherboard that could take advantage of my external USB 3.0 backup drive, if anyone had a recommendation, it would be appreciated

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  1. The HD6770 is what you'll want in that price range. Perhaps you can find a deal on an HD6850 after rebate close to that price which would be worth it if you can afford it.
  2. Thanks for the info. Can I use those PCIe 2.1 cards in my 2.0 motherboard?
  3. Yes, that shouldn't be a problem.
  4. I would go for a hd6850, you can find them for $130 after MIR on newegg. Also, if you didn't have to have AMD, you could grab a GTX 460 1gb for the same price, but I assume you would want the hd6850.
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