Unable to enable Hybrid Crossfire

Before people start saying that my video cards are incompatible, just so you guys know I use to be able to enable Hybrid Crossfire on my system up until recently.

OS : Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Mother Board : Asus M3A78-VM \ AMD 780 Chip set
CPU : AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+ (2.9GHz)
RAM : 4GB DDR2 1066MHz
Integrated Graphics : ATI Radeon HD 3200
PCIe x16 Graphics : ATI Radeon HD 4550

Like I said, I use to be able to enable hybrid cross fire and get noticeable performance boost, enough that I could play Deus Ex : Human Revolution with AA 2x and AF 2x and Trilinear Filtering at a decent rate (without massive lag spikes). Without Hybrid Crossfire I have to play the game on low settings and even then its still a little laggy.

I have up to date drivers and ATI CCC, so problems with older drivers\software shouldn't be a problem. Is there anyway to enable\force hybrid crossfire (even if it might not work)? I really need this performance boost so I can play the newer games with decent speed.
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  1. Your HD4550 really shouldn't support hybrid crossfire... and hybrid crossfire never gave much of a boost anyway. If you want better performance you should really just get a better card. $50+ would get you something much better than the HD4550.
  2. I dont have the money to spend on a new graphics card, otherwise I would have done so by now.

    Like I said, I use to be able to enable hybrid crossfire, and I got a decent boost, enough to make me happy.

    If theres anyway to force hybrid crossfire I'd like to know.
  3. CF doesn't work across generations like that. I've never heard of being able to CF a 3xxx and 4xxx card. I have no clue to you might have done it. AFAIK its impossible.
  4. Well I had it running in hybrid crossfire for a year since I got the card Sept. 2010, now theres not even the option in ATI CCC (its like it no longer exists)
  5. Assuming your not lying...

    What did you do before it stopped working? Updated drivers? Updated .net? Usually things don't just stop working.
  6. Well, one week it was working, the next it wasn't. I guess maybe it might have been updated drivers (I updated both the HD 3200 and 4550 drivers)
  7. Then try rolling them back. Perhaps AMD broke this CF arrangement in the newer drivers.
  8. nekomastermax said:
    (I updated both the HD 3200 and 4550 drivers)

    They use the same drivers.
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