Error B2???

Hello guys, I have yet come in contact with another odd error. This tine I get the error "b2" on my mother board which says "Legacy Option ROM initilization". I have no idea what this means, all I know is that I only get it when I have my video card plugged in. It was working fine until it went to sleep, when I tried to turn it on, nothing. Resert power switch and here comes in the errors. Any suggestions?

System specs in my signature, and my PC is only about 3 weeks old and has been working fine until now.

ALSO: I can get into the BIOS and do everything with the integrated graphics. It's just then whenever I try to use the video card my system refuses to POST
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    I encountered this "B2" error with my ASUS gtx 770, it turned out for me at least it was the Video Cards BIOS. Put it in my friends computer and it booted fine. Downloaded the Latest BIOS from ASUS and updated the card, put it in my machine and it booted on the first try xDD
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