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i have mikrotik server but when i connect to that,i cannot open any sites even with their ips!at first i thought that the problem is for the DNS servers,but i changed both server and client DNS servers for test but i could not open yet!!
i can ping to any ips and domain names and get reply as well as am connect without vpn!but i can not view any sites with it.
plz help me
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  1. Proxy set in browser?
  2. no no proxy in brrowser.
    i saw such problem on a system of my friend too.
  3. Quote:
    hi please go to the cmd prompt and enter the following

    netsh winsock reset

    netsh winsock reset catalog

    netsh interface ip reset C:\DAF-interface-resetlog.txt

    netsh interface reset all

    netsh firewall reset

    Reboot your pc

    Disable firewall and try again

    but i didnt get your mean!would you explain more detailed?
  4. withe the first command i ger reply that "DAF-interface-resetlog.txt"is not a internal or ex comand ...
  5. are these command here to execute on a linux server?
  6. no
    im using windows 7,and as i see such problem on some other devices i think the problem is with the Microsoft windows seven!!
    would u help me please?
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