Asrock E3 G3 with i3 2100

Would anyone know if the i3 2100 will fully utillize what the Asrock Extreme3 has to offer? I know it's a Z68 Mobo, and that overclocking won't work. but how about any-other features? like XMP profiles, for RAM?
Also, is it worth buying the 2100 right now, and then upgrading to a ivy bridge in say... July-Sept?
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  1. just wait untill ivy bridge ive got asus gene z z68 with 8gb g skill ram and 2120 i3. And to be honist it doesnt cope to well with games very well or when encoding on pc cpu hits 100%used. rest comp snail pace.
  2. My 2100 has been snailing lately on some programs too (like iTunes of all things) on a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P. I can't wait for IVB to come out (or replacement with a 2500k)
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